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Site Name:GibbsUSA.net
Current Version:2.2.9
Site Release:Sunday, May 20, 2001
Version Release:Friday, November 11, 2011
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Version History
Version Release Date Details
2.2.911/11/2011Updated pictures to hold more history and added links to Facebook in various places as FB is stopping the import of blogs to notes
2.2.810/19/2007Added security due to recent site hack.
2.2.610/26/2006Built Archive display for the blogs and added Search capability. Built functionality to allow POP mail to blog. Closed the forum due to security issues
2.2.58/4/2005Added print and email capabilities to the blog section
2.2.47/13/2005Added RSS support for the blogs section
2.2.22/23/2005Added streaming of media for online videos
2.2.112/22/2004Added the freeware phpBB Forum to the site
2.2.09/10/2004Added new sub domain mobile.gibbsusa.net and created mobile portal. A lot of work will be done in this area over the next few months!
2.1.49/1/2004Added personal blogs section to development (see Blogs)
2.1.311/5/2003Added Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement for the site
2.1.210/2/2003I have done a lot of work on the GibbsUSA.net Service (available from our downloads page)- this includes adding quick mail and help (both offline and web based).
2.1.19/1/2003Removed smilies section due to abuse from external sites
2.1.06/12/2003Added RSS implementation to .NET development (see Development Web Site) and a fun section for smilies. Upgraded Admin section to allow maintenance of multiple databases
2.0.65/30/2003Fixed minor bug with trips and pictures section not picking up JVC e-clips folder
2.0.53/22/2003Updated stock display and added FTSE graph. Added UK/USA images
2.0.41/11/2003Moved to new hosting company that supports .NET technologies and started work on new sub domains (develop.gibbsusa.net)
2.0.311/28/2002Updated pictures section to show latest files date and folder
2.0.211/13/2002Added online issuing of free software registration codes
2.0.12/25/2002Added Wap capability to our news page
2.0.02/18/2002Updated logo and menus to flash
1.0.82/1/2002Added appointment functionality to the calendar for registered users
1.0.711/21/2001Updated online Administration pages and added Print Calendar functionality (a request from Michaela)
1.0.611/19/2001Added personal portfolio java applet
1.0.59/22/2001Added jokes, poll and message board. Sorted stars according to zodiac calendar rather than alphabetically
1.0.49/18/2001Complete rework of styles and addition of the announcements ticker on the home page
1.0.39/18/2001Added Stock Ticker due to recent demand for US market monitoring
1.0.26/29/2001Updated images display in trips & pictures section
1.0.15/25/2001Added menu bar, our news page and SOT help page
1.0.05/20/2001Initial Site Release

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Any reproduction or copying is expressly forbidden without the prior consent of Chris Gibbs.
For more information, please contact the site WebMaster (WebMaster@GibbsUSA.net).

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